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CAI and cold weather...

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Are there any concerns with using a CAI in the extreme cold. We can easily hit -30c (-22f) solid for a couple of weeks at a time and on occasion even get down to -50c (-58f).
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You take the Stang out in those temps...:what: . I doubt it would hurt the CAI though, the colder air is the denser it is and therefore the more you can get into the cylinders and the more power you generate. I really don't know with those temperatures but I doubt it will hurt anything.
I8URVTEC said:
You take the Stang out in those temps...:what: .
I know... I've tried but my wife doesn't understand (or care to understand) the concept of having a winter vehicle in addition to the Mustang... So intil I can do that I am a bit limited... I remember the 1st 2005 Mustang convertable commercial I saw... It showed a highway patrol pulling over a convertable in the middle of winter with the top down, and the guy is lterally frozen... Not far from the truth up here...:grinroll:
As long as the gasoline is formulated for cold weather, you should have no problem with a CAI in really cold conditions on a fuel injected car. I'm sure it is. Otherwise, none of your neighbors would be able to drive either.
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