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CAI and tuner questions

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I got the DeMolet Tunable CAI and it's installed. According to Demolet, the 95mm inlet requires that it have a tune or the leaner mix will damage the engine. How much truth is there to this? Others say the same thing but I think most have the 82mm (?) inlet How "immediate" is it? Can I leave it on for the few days it'll take to get a tuner? Does it matter which tuner I use. And just how is this thing "tunable" anyway? So many questions. See I have a 68 Cougar that's my toy, and I don't have any of this stuff...
Thanks in advance
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You can use the car, just dont rev it hard, you will need a chip or programmer, recomend the Diablo Predator.
The Tunable Induction CAI will provide more air to your engine than the computer can compensate for and you will be running very lean in terms of air/fuel ratio. If you run it without a proper tune, you should get a CEL (check engine light) warning that there is a problem.

The CAI is "tunable" because it allows you to rotate the MAF sensor within the airstream for best performance. This adjustment should be done when you have the car on a dyno so you can monitor the effect when the position of the sensor is changed from the factory rotation.
I have some outlets that are SCT dealers and include the Xcal2 on their end. With the outlets on this dealer program I simply ship the system separately but anyone calling in a retail order is advised that a custom dyno tune or our pre-uploaded Xcal2 tuner is mandatory.
With purchasing the system without the tuner you could damage the engine.
This is denoted on the last page of the directions.

The SCT tunes are mandatory with the system as they are specific to the system.

Add the tuner/SCT tunes ASAP.

Call the outlet where you purchased the system for the tuner or I can quickly ship you one with the correct SCT tunes.

Put the stock system back on in the meantime.

toll free # 866-509-7453
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I called John, and he was quite helpful. Answered all my questions and sent me a tuner for FREE!!. Not really. But I ordered one which is on the way. I haven't yet installed the tune, but the CAI was easy as pie to install, and John has been the best business to work with. I'd recommend the system so far. Once it's on and running, I'll repost.

I wonder how it compares the the C&L.. I was really impressed by its construction... Dyno wars... You car with JP's tune and min with C&L and Evolutions tune. Bothe Stock and with the Upgrades... a

Anyone want to lend us some Dynot time for a throw down?:eyepoppin
Kyle, there is a good comparison testing article with my system vs. C&L on my site, DeMolet, as you scan down the entry page the link is just under the 5.0 Mag pic.

Murillo Motorsport found: +1.5 hp, +3-4 ft. lb. tq., and Superior Tuning with my system. My system is also 45% lighter in weight and constructed of non heat conducting materials.

Murillo is recognized as one of the premier Mustang tuners and the testing was 12 dyno pulls for each system.

Oh I almost forgot, My price with the SCT tuner/tunes is nearly $200. less!!

You knew all this... I tried to tell you and still you paid more for the C&L... I guess to you it looks $xxx better...? :rolleyes:

SCT strongly recommended here... so you're good of there Kyle... :winks

J/K :wavey
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