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CAI Question

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If you replace the CAI with an after market product and you're not required to to re-flash the computer--have you gained anything beyond what the stock unit had to offer??? K&N claims there is not re-flash required and given their reputation I'd like to think there would be a performance gain. On the other hand Steeda claims that installing their CAI requires a re-flash and it looks like they are using at least a K&N filter. Does Steeda say that just to bump sales of the Predator??

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I have the K&N and did not reflash and have had no problems. Sure seems to be a power gain and the sound is awsome but only when you get on it. I don't think the K&N is as good looking as some others but not requiring a reflash is what I was after.
well i guess you also after less hp. i would get a tuner and re-tune the car. it is a totally diff animal after the stang is re tuned. and then after that get a sc.

05GT you have a PM
Wingnut said:
Whats an "sc"??
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