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CAI/tune questions

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Man, I hope this hasn't been beaten to death already but here is an edited version of the questions I asked
I have heard the best/fast/cheap way to make more HP, in the new Mustangs (2005-2006) is with a cold air intake and a tune. Most people on the AllFordMustangs mailing list recommend the SCT 2.
As I don't yet have a CAI, can I get the tuner and set up my car, then when I purchase the CAI, change the tune, without purchasing more stuff? I don't know how this works. Are future changes going to cost me more money? I know the tune is the way to go but need to know about costs.

Also, can I put the stock tune, in memory somehow, so I can automatically reset to that before bringing the car back to Ford, for service?


I am very interested in what they are doing now, where you can upload info from your computer to your tuner handheld, after you get the new tune program via email!

Anyone have experience with this? I keep hearing the name "Ken at MD" along with words like "Saved me" and "did a great job fixing it". Wondering if this is more than the intuitive car-fixer can handle. What are the total costs involved *after* the $300 tuner set up?

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I'm getting my SCT X2 hopefully this week. I chose Bamachips as my tuner based on a lot of great feedback on another website. Brenspeed is also very highly regarded. There are others but these are the two that are most talked about at TMS forum.

If you decide on which CAI you want, you should be able to get a tune for the stock intake and one for the CAI that you want to buy in the future. Chosing a CAI was a difficult choice for me. Many great choices out there like the JLT, C&L, K&N, etc. I went with the K&N because you don't need a tune to run it. Therefore, if you need to go to the dealership all you have to do is download the stock tune and you don't have to remove the K&N. I've read about several people that went this route and the dealer didn't have a problem with the K&N intake. All depends on the dealer though. When you get the SCT X2, it uploads the stock tune and then you download the tune that your tuner has prepared for you.

Hope this helps.
I personally went with a package to start... JLT and an SCT tuner. But if you have yet to buy anything and want to get your feet wet then starting with a tuner is the way to go. Not only can you make some impressive gains in both HP and TQ, but you can gain the additional perks as well. With a good custom tune (Go mine from Doug at BamaChips) you can completely remove the throttle lag from the system, Doug is offering two base tunes, one for low end torque (Daily driver and street kinda runn'in) and top end HP for the all out kinda guy.

I find that the TQ tune is the bomb. I love the tune, love the JLT and cannot seem to stop buying stuff for this damn car.

Go with a tune, pick up the CAI and another tune when you get the chance.
You can sertainly start with the tuner! That's what I would do if I could not, or didn't want to, spring for a CAI.

SCT-2 is the way to go. is a great place to get it, awesome customer care, now and when you mod on... The Tunable Inductions, X-Cal-2 with 'custom' tune package is an awesome deal!

It will automaticly store your stock tune first time you hook it up!
How many tunes can you initially get with the tuner? Two or three???
I'm ready to place my order with MD.
I'm thinking the following tunes upon ordering:
93 & 87 octane tune with Tuneable inductions intake
93 octane tuneable induction intake + CMDP's tune

No rush, car is stored away. Pointers and suggestions are welcome, as always.
I've got the Air Aid CAI and no tune. It's not needed with this one, but I will be getting one in the spring to improve my fuel/air ratio. I've noticed a huge gain in boost already since adding it, and will take it to the dyno when I get a tune, to see how much it's added. No CEL issues at all.
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