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Calling all "Forced Induction" folks around or near Maryland

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Tealnet (my site) is sponsoring up the Annual Forced Induction meet very soon. For those that might be intersted please Click HERE for more details on where, when, etc.

Last year we had a great turnout and had everything from a twin turbo viper to the lingenfelter twin turbo present and accounted for.

For anyone that truly loves Forced Induction cars, this will be the place to see'em. This event is NOT Mustangs only obviously! So please tell anyone and everyone about this meet up.

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I checked that thread looking for some more info but couldn't find any. I don't have a power adder but I'd love to go and drool if I can make it. Can you post some info here?
No problem. I was gonna try and come whether I was welcome or not. I love fast cars. I'll check back again in a few days. I have some minor surgery tomorrow so I doubt I'll be doing anything for a few days.
Check your PM's. I plan on being there.
Is there going to be a trip to the track included?
Crappy! I've never run a 1/4 mile before. I was hoping to do it before all the tracks shut down this winter.
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