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Calling all tech heads, I have a problem!

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Heres the scenario, I have a 1974 Mustang II hatchback with a broken radio. Now heres the problem, I want to try and keep as much of it stock as I can, but at the same time I want to install a head unit with an amp and subs. I figure the smartest thing to do in this situation is to install the head unit into the glove compartment and keep the radio as is. Is this possible?? Will I be able to use all the basic wiring thats needed to connect the head unit to the battery, the head unit to the amp, and the amp to the subs? I can go without using the actual stock speakers in the car because I don't want to mess with the radio. How would you guys go about doing this? Thanks a ton for any help!
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if you research online there are companies that will take your stock radio and replace all the guts inside to newer technology and add rca outs for an amp and even ipod hookups. im not sure the of a website but i know they are out there.
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