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cam choice o boy...

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Send my build sheet into ed curtis today can't wait to see what he comes up with....

see what u guys give for specs..

brodix 5.0 r heads 1.6 rr

victor jr efi intake 90 mm elbow and throttle body

30 pound injectors and mass air meter

anderson power pipe full bolt ons..
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what setup are u running?
yeah port and polish on the brodix heads and intake port matched to heads... Wonder what size lift and dur will be close?
oh def am gonna.. i sent him the build sheet on the heads out of the box and talk to him about how much more i can pick up with port and polish and stuff
what im saying is if he doesn't believe ill pick up that much with porting and polishing then im gonna leave them out of the box.
vic hill is one of the best around ... he told me it wasn't in the size of the runner it was the shape... he started doing heads at rcr he is bad ass google him..
yeah vic is going to do them and thanks smurf..

needing all the info i can get on this setup..... im hoping i will be able to drive it some before i have it tuned.
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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