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cam choice o boy...

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Send my build sheet into ed curtis today can't wait to see what he comes up with....

see what u guys give for specs..

brodix 5.0 r heads 1.6 rr

victor jr efi intake 90 mm elbow and throttle body

30 pound injectors and mass air meter

anderson power pipe full bolt ons..
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Yeah Ronnie is a local Miami guy who really doesn't do shop work and stuff for some time now. He does have a warehouse down by me and he just assembles motors. He doesn't do the open to the public, working on customer cars any more or have an office.

I haven't really run my car yet cause been playing with the Moates whenever I get a chance and I am dying to spin the rollers for shiz and giggles.

I started my build as a simple top end swap and it turned into a 2 year overhaul with parts that I already had so fingers crossed.
well 310 is pretty impressive. the most i have ever gotten from a sbf head is 306 @ .650 from a brodix track1. but i'm just a backyard do-it yourself guy.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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