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Cam/NO Cam, what's the deal?

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ok im new to the site so i hope this works...., without tearing apart the motor in my car how do i tell if it does indeed have a cam in it? If it does i know its nothin major, maybe stage 1??? i feel fairly sure its not a timin issue, cause the car is quick, and the reason i dont know in the first place is i bout it about 3 months ago, and the dealership doesnt know jack $#.. about cars or aftermarket mod's.. (they couldnt even name the exhaust, which is why my post reads: Custom Exhaust/ No Mufflers) i guess one way to find out would be to take it and get it dyno-ed, and compare results to results of stock???
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i know one thing on the 4.6 ...never run thick oil lol snapping rockers off sucks run whats recommended my mothers car had a bang coming thru the intake it was the spark jumping thru the valve into the intake , all from running 10 w 40 lol live and learn
Thick Oil

i run Castrol GTX SAE 10w30. That seems to do just fine, but like i said i dont know if my car has a cam or not. Any ideas on where to get the stock HP? That way so if i ever get the chance to dyno it ill have some sort of idea if it has anything done to it?

post a video with your car at idle so that we can hear it. I have stage 1 cams in my car and the car sound different just by hearing it at idle.
posting a video

ok ill post it a little later on... gotta work....

holy crap... uploading a video? any help?

who knew that uploading a video on this site would be so complicated.?

Any advice on this?

upload your video to youtube. Once its uploaded to youtube post the link by simply copy paste.
nevermind.... i just seen where you said to upload to youtube.... hahahah i dont know why it said on here..... anyways, i tried to take it with my phone and the sound quality aint all that.. maybe you can tell somethin from it.. ill post it in a few.

Mustang Exhaust Clip/ Cammin'?

and finally: here it is......

YouTube - mustang gt exhaust, READ DESCRIPTION!

sounds stock 2 me bud.
First of all it's "CAMS" not the singular Cam in a 4.6 sohc motor, being as that is relatively expensive it's unlikely it has them, sounds more like noisy mufflers or catless X pipe
If you really want to know just take the valve cover off what ever side you think is easiest and then the aftermarket cams will have their specs and types scribed into them near the ends of the cams and usually before the first lifter position. This will then tell you the type and duration and manufacturer. But from the sound of your car it does not have a cam and it does not have a throaty enough tone and the usual rumble that most after market cams have. It idles to smoothly to be even a stage one type cam. These will idle well but they do have a certain stumble to them at idle. I like the car and the colour but I am not liking the sound as much as I would say if it had a Bassani or Borla type exhaust, but that is definitiely a personal thing. As for the oil goes it looks like you have some cold where you are from and so the 5w 30 synthetic oils would not be bad. I myself like Royal Purple and used all of their oils in my 1995 Corvette. In my Cobra Kit I use their for the tranny and diff as well as the engine. With the Vette I could feel the change when I did it, but the Kit I alway had it so I did not see what the difference would have been.
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Pretty stock sounding. Even a small cam would chop the idle up a little bit.
preciate all the help fellas... also preciate all yall not doggin me, about not knowing the difference, this is the first car ive ever had i had a ford ranger v6 2wd before this..... thanks a millionn

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