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Cam questions

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Will a stock 93' 5.0 liter accept a FRPP B cam without any mods, i.e. different springs. I want to change out my stock cam with a B cam and not have to pay for anything else @ this point. any help?

what cam is best for me (FRPP wise)? my stangs mods are:

Cobra intake, 70MM BBK t/b, cold air, cobra EFI kit (FRPP PCM, 24lb injectors & 70MM MAF) pullies, cobra clutch, BBK 190 fuel pump, adjustable fuel reg, dynamod ign module, screamin demon wires and coil, and 3:55 gears. 100K miles-dyno 220rwhp
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oh yeah, x-pipe and flows.... of course!:dunce:
Why B cam? I'd get with a trickflow stage 1 cam . It's not such a narrow curve like those letter cams seem to have.
just a side question
anyone know of any speed density friendly cams??
trick flow or b cam, will they require any other valve train mods? or can i just replace cam and go on with life?

(i think customer service for your brand of cam can help with your speed density....wait a sec, pull that junk out and replace with a MAF system!!)
Yes you can just throw in either cam without having to change your valvetrain at all.
after looking at the trick flow specs i think i am gonna go with it, being that my car is a daily driver the low duration with high lift is exactly what i need. i have been trying to stay in the FRPP realm.....but oh well.
You will not be disappointed.
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