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can I put 17 x 10.5 in the rear??

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I believe its lowered 2 inches. I didn't do the suspension, it was done when I bought it.

I'm getting a lot closer to getting my wheels. I had a poll and looks like majority vote for Black Chrome 03 Cobras, Problem is I can only get the black chrome in 5-lug which I am not. So I think the chrome 03's from American Muscle are going to be my choice..

I want 17's (obvious choice) and right now I run 225/55R16 and I rub a bit when wheel is cranked all the way. Will a 17x9 be too wide for the front?

And for the rear, if it is lowered 2 in, will 17 x 10.5 fit in the rear withough mod? I want to go as wide as I can without having to change anything.

What you guys think?
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i dont think so.

i am also lowered 2 inches and want 10.5 rims in the rear but i dont think its happenin.
17 x9 are going to rub....foront

and most likely so will 17 x 10.5 on the rear

especially on a lowered car
I'm lowered 2" in the rear and I'm running 17x10 pony wheels in the rear with nitto 315/35's. I had to trim the fender lip and masage the inner a little with a BFH. Go to for a look at the wheels.
my car is not lowered at all and i have 17x9 all around and the front rub every so often but i dont believe the rears do, but i would be really carefull with that
10.5 is too much for the rear without beating things into submission.
I have 17x9 Eleanor's all the way around. I rub on full steer and was cutting the tires on bumps (I had to roll the fenders... poor man's roll... baseball bat... lol)

Forgot to add, 2" drop springs in the back, adjustable coil over conversion in front with tubular K member and tubular lower control arms.
The biggest tire that will fit my 89 LX coupe in the rear is a 27 tall and 11 inch section width tire. That is with the wheel lips crimped flat and perfect spacing. With that tire I have 1/4 inch sidewall clearance when compessed to the stops and about 1/2 inch clearance to the sidewalls when sitting level.
I bought the 17x9 245-45-17 2003 chrome cobra rims from american muscle about 2 months ago and put them on my 1990 lx they dont rub at all. They did tell me if my car was had more than 1.5 inch's of drop they will rub in the front. But mine has none and I have tons of room up there.
whats the biggest tire that will fit the rear of a 95.if fox takes a 27x11.I should be able to fit 28x12.5 m/t slicks with quad shock and bfh.
so without think can fit 17x10 in rear with 285/40 ??
so without think can fit 17x10 in rear with 285/40 ??
You can if your car is not lowered. Otherwise NO!
ok. So...that leaves me to 17x9 then in the rear. Car is lowerd 2 inches for those who didn't know.

What is the widest tire I can go with the 17x9 without having issues in the rear? would it be 265/40 or 275/40.......??:headscratch:
275/40 is what I run w/ no quads. You can keep your quads if you adj them w/ a BFH. If you have aftermarket control arms they are just extra weight most of the time.
how do you adj them and whats a BFH ?
how do you adj them and whats a BFH ?
BFH: Big F#%king Hammer
ah lol....makes sense. BFH...duh:gringreen

So for the BFH, are you just hitting the inner fender or something?:headscratch:

So how hard is it to remove the quad shocks and is it okay if they're removed without getting new upper/lower control arms?

How do I remove them?
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