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Can I remove TPS screws on my new TB without an impact wrench?

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I just picked up BBK's 70mm t/b for my 03 mustang and I have no impact wrench. I'd rather do this myself if I can, so is there a way to remove the TPS screws w/o the impact wrench? thanks.
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DONT TOUCH THAT THROTTLE BODY WITH AN IMPACT WRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those parts are made of cast aluminum or something similar and the force of an impact wrench will probably break the ears off and then you'd really be screwed. You can get the swap done with nut drivers or open end wrenches just fine. Those bolts and screws are not torqued down more than 20 ft-lbs or so, there's no need for an impact wrench in that area of the intake at all.
Yeah, i'd watch that. I ruined my damn TPS because I was an idiot and decided to pound the **** out of it to try and get it off. So word of the wise...use a lot of force on any of that stuff!
I used an electric drill to remove mine. I put it in a vise to hold the tb and then pressed down really hard on the screws while giving the gun a little bit, just enough to back the screws out.
I believe they use what's called an ACME thread on those screws. It's a thread shape that allows for a bit of play as you're lossening or tightening, but once you reach a certain point on the thread it tightens up really quickly. On the flip side, once you get it to move just a bit, it comes right on out using just your fingers.
Anyone who uses power tools under the hood is asking for problems. Save the power stuff for body panels and frame work.

Use leverage, much more controllable...and quieter (you can hear yourself cussing when you use hand tools).

Yes, what i did was take a saw that cuts pipe and cut the screw along one of the groves in the cross of the phillips head screw just enough to use a flat head screwdriver to turn the screw...doing this just causes more leverage so you can turn the screw without other tools...once you get the slot big enough to fit a flat head screwdriver its easy to turn with one big turn of some muscle...
I just used a common phillips head bit in my power driver to remove them and a standard screwdriver to put them back in the new one.
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