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Can you swap a five speed 01 cobra for a 6 speed?

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I have a 01 cobra and the main reason I want to swap is because I think the synchros are bad. When I down shift it grinds pretty bad mostly from fifth to fourth but in the other gears as well. I figured it would just be better to get a whole new 6 speed tranny since its going to be expensive to fix regardless. I'm looking to buy the tremec t56 6 speed from American muscle. Is it possible to do the swap or would there be other things I need to swap out as well to make it work?
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The input shaft is 26 spline and output is 31 on the t56 from American muscle. So would that still fit in my car if the current tranny is only a 10 spline? If all else fails I'll just stick with a 5 speed but I think six speeds are sweet. especially since I want to supercharge it eventually. What do you think the grinding could be? Generally only happens when I down shift but sometimes it'll grind upshifting into fourth as well. Fourth is the primary gear that grinds whether it be upshift or down shift
No it's pretty easy to get into gear in all the gears. I have a short throw shifter on it and shifts like butter except fourth sometimes. Most the time it's smooth but there are times that it'll grind a little and then it goes right into gear when upshifting. It's usually at higher rpms I've noticed. The clutch is fine in my opinion I just got a new clutch cable and got it adjusted and it feels great. I usually push it all the way in when I'm shifting but I'm starting to just push it in just far enough to where it engages and then letting out. I don't powershift at all because I have no need to. I'm not used to the car yet so I haven't been to reckless with it haha. The previous owner might have been beating the **** out of it though. The car has 90,000 miles on it already so I might be do for a new clutch eventually but right now it feels fine. I was going to put a new clutch and flywheel in when I either replaced the tranny or got the synchros fixed and all that other stuff replaced
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