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can you use an a9p computer with a non ho engine

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I have an 88 mustang gt with an a9p computer the engine is an older 302 not an ho and does not run the ho firing order it has the gt 40 injection on it is the a9p computer compatible or do I need to put an ho cam in it and change the firing order
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The computer will fire the injectors in the HO order so a cam is needed. Im not sure if there is maybe a way to tune it?
we did it with a truck.a ho motor in a non ho computer,we just swaped the plug wires was a long time ago so i cant remeber all the details.but i know that we did it.i think the 2 cylinders were 180 degrees from each other in the firing the injection events dont matter.
i think you need to use the non ho firing order
You will not be running on all cylinders and you will have an extremely rich running condition. Change the cam or put a non high output computer in it. I know this from experience, as I did this in my 86. You will have a difficult time passing emissions because of high readings.
Also, you cannot change the firing order without changing the cam.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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