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Cancelling my 2015 Steeda Cai Pre Order

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I pre ordered the cai 3 weeks ago and I got tired of waiting. I still purchased the tuning for life and the tuner from steeda though, however it took 2 weeks to get the tune from them so I've been running the bama 93 perf2 tune since bama got back to me within 3 days of my tune request. When I had called Steeda asking about the tune since I waited so long, I told them I was running the bama 93 tune and their comment regarding that was "You're brave". I've used bama in the past so is there something I should know about? Anyways the wait isn't why I'm cancelling my order, I cancelled it cause I was told I'd have to use the maf re stricter until there is a tune available. I had a green drop in filter from cobb in my 2014 fiesta st and it proved noticeable gains, and after seeing the 2015 mustang ecoboost pick up nice power I decided to place an order for a 2015 green filter ( and request a tune revision/data log session from bama to get the safest/most power from my gibson/green filter setup.

I found this coupon code that got me 10% off my order and since I'm in texas sales tax didn't apply. Free shipping it was $55 shipped.

code : GF10PCD

coupon src : 10% Off Green Filter USA - Discounts and Deals - GMTNation

I always google for coupons when purchasing items :)

I also have a coupon code for 10% off steeda products (LOYAL10) . I'm assuming it's cool to share this code considering I got it sent to my email inbox, but myself or a mod can remove it if it's not safe to share.

I'll probably be getting tuned by JMS racing in San Antonio soon so I'll have some dyno vids of green filter + gibson catback.

Thanks :)
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I already submitted a tune revision request, It's just jorge @jms is a really good tuner and has tuned my vehicles in the past. It's also always nice to see it on the dyno too :p I'll do some revision with the green filter/bama to see what kind of butt dyno power we can get.
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