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cant decide on color for my 65 coupe!!

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hey guys im wondering if i can get some help with the color for my 65 coupe. at first i really wanted to do red but i know that my body work is going to have to be great and since im painting it myself it might not be the right choice. i was then thinking black but i feel that it does not show off the body lines good enough. now im thinking about either the diamond blue (white) or the green from the movie Bullitt. i love all these colors but i want something that will stand out and something that will really show off the car. tell me what you think, id prefer to stay something more stock. the interiors going to be black but idc about them matching good right now just because it will be my daily driver for high school. thanks-Matt
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Congratulations on the car. Really nice to have a 65 coupe. My opinion is to look at the door tag and paint it the original color. Also makes it easier because you are not having to totally strip the original color and the new paint will blend in. Good luck!
The lighter the color the less body work will show prime and block sand untill you think your arm will fall off and then do it some will get it straight and it will look great!
If your worried about body work black is probably the worst color to paint it, it will show everything... unless you go with a satin of flat black finish. Lighter colors are more forgiving than darker ones in terms of not showing as many blemishes.
Just saying, the car itself and you being a teen driving it, red paint is going to be yet another reason that a cop may spot you out of the crowd. Its a fact red cars get pulled over most! Profiling.
all of this makes sense. there is not door tag because there not the original doors. i am not going to work on the body work that does not NEED to be done. im leaning towards the diamond blue but idk if it really shows off the car enough. im not trying to have a car that screams look at me but i want a color that will really show off the nice body lines of the car.
A subtle but beautiful color. Sterling Grey Metallic. Looks good on the S197s will look amazing on a 65, just my opinion.

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If your gut and heart say go for Diamond Blue, then do it. My 65 coupe is going to be Diamond Blue next winter, once I get some more mechanical bugs worked out and I can focus on the body. That Blue w/ white stripes really pops. Also, another reason for my color choice is that every vehicle I've ever owned was either red or white (88 Chevy Cheyenne - My dad and I 2 toned it red & white, 95 Ford Probe - Red, 91 Chevy Camaro RS - White, 98 Dodge Dakota - Red)...Time for a change, even if it isn't my daily driver...
what color is your interior ???
If your not worried about the body, i.e., its straight then really the darker the color the better the lines show on it, but along with that any dents and dings. When are you planning on painting it? If your really unsure about the color it may be worth waiting a little bit until it gets warm out and go to car shows and look for a Mustang painted that color or something close.
My '66 convertible is Silver Blue with white interior, and it looks really good. Like the others have said, the light color is very forgiving. It doesn't show scratches or body damage as much. I'm deciding if I want to keep the car silver blue or return it to the original color, which was Nightmist Blue (Dark blue) Either one would look really great, but I feel that the dark color will show dirt and blemishes much more. Go with your heart, its your car in the end. Mustangs look good in almost any color in my opinion!
Kind of partial to the Ivy (I think) green. In the shade it all most looks black.


I think Orange with some black accents, Look at the Ring Bothers producer Mustang. My older brother has a 65 Fastback that is factory orange. awesome...
my interior is black, but i dont care about the interior and exterior matching well
black is can pretty much go with whatever color you like..i too am partial to red -code t- but, i think most colors, applied to a well detailed car look great-its not so much which color it is vs whether everything else about the car is good. Do you want stripes? custom or something stock? A vynl roof? A stock GT look or shelby style valance, hood? It is very important that the interior and everything else about the car colors and wheels and tires, stance, all flow together. I geuss what im saying is no matter if you paint it diamond blue, hunter green, red, etc. if everything else kinda goes with it you will be happy and have a great looking car. I would also plan on clear coating it,-that will really give the finish some depth and gloss and make it pop after you wetsand and buff it. What is the original color?
the original color was the ivy green which is what i think im gonna do
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