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cant get my start

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i have 65 sprint 200 single barrel carb. my fuel pump is working and i can blow air though both my fuel filters but im not getting any gas into my carb, I can pour gas into the carb but the car dies after a few secounds, the car ran but would cut on the freeway like it had bad gas but not die completly the car would die when i would stop.
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Sounds like you have crud in your needle valve, same thing just happened on my friends boat, pump good, filters good, squirt some starting fluid in it, she lit up for a few seconds then died, pulled the carb, 4bbl quadra jet in this case, found the needle valve jam packed with crusty rusty things, cleaned the carb and replaced the needle, she purred like a kitten. I point all the blame to ethanol in the fuel. P.S if your gonna let your vehicle sit for a long period of time, like through the winter, pull the carb, drain it dry, clean it, and store it indoors in a plastic bag, and stuff the intake with a rag or foam or whatever.
Hope i was able to help in some way
Good luck!!!!
Check the fuel pressure at the carb fitting. It should be 6PSI. If you have pressure then check the carb. If you don't have pressure then re-install or replace the pump. when you install the pump it has to be on the correct side of the eccentric to work.
Disconnect the fuel hose that goes into carb. One person on the otherside plugging the hose with the thumb.

Crank the car. Any presure there ? fuel try squirting out ? If none - replace your fuel pump.

To me looks like your fuel pump.
sounds like crud in your fuel tank,the sending unit came from the factory with a nylon type sock on it,it could be plugged up. you can view the inside of your gas tank by removing your gas cap,the loosen clamps inside your trunk that secure the large rubber hose that connects the tank to the filler pipe. then remove the gas cap cable,and then remove the four other small screws that hold the filler pipe to the tail-light panel.then remove filler pipe,then hose and use a flashlite to view inside the tank,if tank looks rusty inside youve found your problem. wes
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