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Cap & Rotor help needed asap!

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today i bought a msd cap & rotor i changed it and my car wont turn over... i put the old one back on and my car wont turn over... this is my only car... i took the wires off one by one, i disscon the battery before hand, the rotor is spinning but it just wont turn over

what did i do wrong guys? i got two hours in the mourning before i have to goto work...

i also heard if you turn the rotor just a little bit it wont turn over is that true? thanks:worship
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Mustang distributor rotor and cap

when the cap is off rotate and check the tuning rotor. you should have indication that the coil wirw centered in cap is sparking. you say the engine cranks over, therefor rotor has to turn, in terminolgy the engine cranks over by the starter , but the engine does not run. check for a broken wire at the coil or distributor. Check the voltage at your coil with ignition key turned to run. no voltage here at coil you have disturbed and lost powwr source, check your fuses panel
seek and you shall find good luck
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