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Car Did Not Start -- Oil Pressure Switch?

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I have a 2000 Mustang GT. Yesterday morning my car did not start, completely out of the blue. It would run the starter just fine but wouldn't turn the engine over at all. I was fearing the worst and researching all day and then when I got home from work, it started just perfectly, and has not struggled since. Checked all the basics and everything seems to be fine.

While this could signal some sort of electrical problem (?), I did the self diagnostic check through the odometer screen and pulled the code for the oil pressure switch. I'm wondering if these two things are related...although I doubt it, it's possible.

I've read about the switch and how often it fails, as well as how most people don't seem to be bothered by it. I unplugged it, started it fine, and plugged it back in, and started it. No differences. Should I bother replacing it? Could it even be related?
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If the starter motor was running then the engine was turning over. Actually starting I assume is what you meant, unless the engine did not crank at all when you turned the key (all you got was a "click" sound). Clarify if necessary...

Anyway, can guarantee that the cluster oil pressure reading nor the sensor itself has absolutely nothing to do with your issue.
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