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Car drags while driving and in nuetral in cold weather start up???

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Hey guys,

Have a question, live in Ontario and it is winter so it is cold, the last few days my car (05 Mustang Gt) when I start it up in the morning and driving and when I throw it in Neutral it feels like it is dragging. For example if I am driving along and throw it in neutral the car almost appears to be braking or slowing down. After the car is warmed up, the engine temperature is about half way on the gage it doesn't do this. Also last week it was warm out and it wasn't doing this but prior to this warm spell when it was cold again it was doing it..

Taking it in for service next week, any thoughts????
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Could it be your brakes? I've read a couple of posts where there are problems with the brakes 'freezing' (e-brake especially) in cold weather. Could be that when you drive (you're hitting the accelerator and may not feel the additional drag) and then throw it into neutral (and let off the gas), the brakes are dragging your speed back down??? Would make sense, too, since the brakes would be warming up about like the engine does, so you would notice the drag lessening with the engine warming.... Dunna, just a shot in the dark.
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