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Car running not well

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I changed all gaskets and upgraded to typhoon manifold, 70m TB, spacer and mass air. New plugs and wires. I did AC delete and installed UD pulleys. Now the car runs like ****. I am not burning fuel correctly as i can smell tons of fuel. The car only had CAI on before and ran fine.

I turned the motor with no dist in the engine. I set TDC and dropped dist in. The car starts fine and i get no check engine light on, but seems like i am not running on all cyls.

I will do a comp check and spark check tomorrow.

Also does it matter how the vacum is routed from the mani?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dont you need a tune for thoes mods?
yes vacuum will affect the way your car runs if its not hooked up right... when i had a vacuum leak my car would die at nearly every stop light
tfiring order

if you have a 5.0HO your fire order is 13726548 not 15426378
check that 1st

wrong fire order

the funny thing is it will start and run on the wrong fire order because
1,2,6,& 8 fire in the same place on both fire orders.
thats no theory
school of hard knocks- running of 4

thanks guys. Damn chiltons has the wrong firing order. Its a 91 so its HO. As far as vacum I have all of them hooked up, I am wondering if the diameter of the hoses make much of the difference. I am going to check the firing order in the morning and get back to you guys.

Man if this works I will be very happy. Been scratching my head for while. Removed and dropped dist at least 8 times :(.
I couldn't wait till tomorrow, just changed the wires to correct firing order and she is alive :shiny:. Thanks again guys. Is there anything else on the chiltens that is incorrect?
payin it forward

I went round and round with that problem for almost a year. It sat outside all winter un touched, it beat me last summer, but I got on it again this spring. and by the process of elimination, I installed my ranchero intake/holley 4brl and 7psi inline fuel pump/ mallory innition
and it all worked on the ranchero, but didn't on the bronco, so it had to be some kind of difference, you old school guys know like i do that the fire order is stamped on the intake on a 289, but no fire order on the 5.0L HO, so that made me curious and led me to the answer,
as far as i know everything else is standard small block Ford stuff. except there is no place for my manual fuel pump on the 5.0L HO. and ya cant use the high pressure fuel pump on a carb, gas shoots out the top of the carb, floats wont shut the flow off.

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