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Car Show Thursday June 10th

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Hey everyone, This Thursday, June 10th, there is a car show at Shop Rite in Parsippany, NJ. Anyone is welcome, there is NO registration. Just show up. The address is 808 Rt. 46 East. Starts at about 6 PM. Hope to see some of you there!
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Don't come back without pictures. :shigrin
Nooooo problemo!
Really ..Thats close for me..are you going?..What are you taking there?...
Yeah I'm going. I'm taking my 86 vert.
Well the car show was pretty good! Heres some pictures!


Sorry i couldnt make it..I got caught up in a nice Rain storm car got flithy...Is this every thrusday?...
Ohh that sucks man. Its not every Thursday, but the next one is July 8th
Whoa, a straight front axle Comet. COOL.
The blue ford is not a GT, its actually a GT40 replica. 500 hp motor. This thing looked awesome and sounded SICK!
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