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Product is very well constructed. There is a 100+% improvement over the stock shifter. I have pictures of the old shifter in my profile gallery. Shifter allows for bump stop adjustments to improve shifting and prevent transmission damage. The only negative I have so far is the price. Which is why I gave it a 9 rating overall. Cost $300.00 plus shipping. The cost also doesn't include the shifter ball which cost another $40.00. I guess you pay for what you get though. The part was a direct bolt on. Installation was not to bad. Could be done by most do it yourselves. Does require to persons to set bump stops. Instructions shipped with product for installation are not exact which requires you to be more than familiar with what you are doing. I would recommend product to anyone looking to upgrade the stock 07 Mustang GT Shifter. I you want any other detail just send a message to me in my profile.

ProsSolid Enginering
Would you recommend?yes
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