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Casting number for 260 heads and carburetor identification.

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Hello everybody,

I have a 260 64.5 and the heads and carb are not original. A person on craigslist was restoring a 260 motor but would like to sell the parts instead. He has both the heads and the original 2 barrel carb. I might buy them this weekend. Does anyone know how I can identify the original carb and what casting number the head should have? I found info about cylinder head casting numbers for 65 Mustangs but not for the 64.5 260. Also how can I make sure the heads are in good condition? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.
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C4OE-B per the attached link regarding the cylinder head .....

Kelly hotrod - Ford Engines Page 3
Per Bob Mannel there were 3 sets of 260 heads:

62 C2OE-F
63 C3OE-B
64 C4OE-A << The Mannel book has pictures of the head casting, the last letter is an 'A'

For carbs there were 42 different 2100s used with 5 as replacements. For a '64 Mustang there were only 8 different numbers; 4 for automatics and 4 for manuals. Which do you want?

With a PCV valve they were:
C4ZF-E automatic
C4ZF-F manual

Those are the only two 2100s that were only on Mustangs although there were 6 other numbers used by Mustang and other cars for '64.
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My heads on my 260 read:

4B26 Feb 26th 1964
4D27. April 27th 1964

Mine is a very early 64 so yours should read similar.

Sorry, can't help with the carb.
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Wow. You guys really all came out of the woodwork to help me. I am new to this all and to working on cars and thought I would check on a few days to see if I had any responses. Now I know what to look for with the heads. I have a manual 260. Which carb number should I be looking for?
If your '64 Mustang 260 manual transmission had a PCV system then the carb number from above would be: C4ZF-F.

If not, it would be one of the following three:
C4ZF-R < If built after 5/1/64
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The carb should be a 1.01 Venturi Autolite 2100 carb with the numbers Ivy has above.
Thanks for all your help. The price for the motor was only $325. This had the engine housing, the heads, carb, starter plate carb and manifold. The casting number on the motor was for a 65 302. that was the first red flag. The heads didn't match up either and neither did the carb. Thanks a lot for the help. you all saved me some money.
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...casting number on the motor was for a 65 302...
?? The first 302 was in '68?
sorry, it was a 68 302. that's what I meant to wrtie
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