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Catback Question

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What are the draw backs to installing a catback exhaust designed for a gt on the 3.7 v6?
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One of the biggest drawbacks is my face hurts from grinning all the time.

But I will have to say, that you have to be very careful about which ones you get. I think if you buy cheap, you get cheap. I spent my money on Borla Touring. They make some racket when you want, and quiet down nicely when you're commuting, or just driving. Every body loves the sound of the Borlas.

There's a kid in town that put something really awful under his car. Sounds like total crap. Don't go there. I feel sorry for that car. It was once a Proud Mustang. Now it's cheap and trashy.
Would the extra exhaust diameter (3" instead of 2.5") make it sound like crap, raspy, or add drone?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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