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CD player question

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I have the Shaker500 and I noticed that when a constant play CD is playing, inbetween each track there is a one second pause. What I mean by a constant play CD is a CD where the songs are all mixed together i.e. megamix, songs/sounds that continue into the next track, or a CD that does not have a few second delay inbetween tracks. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or is mine not working properly. Is it normal for the CD players in the Mustangs to do this? If it is normal, this Delphi company who made these stereos should correct this problem. A mixed CD should not have a pause inbetween mixes, it can no longer be called a mix.
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Same thing happens on my Shaker 1000. I thought the cd was defective until I played it on my home system. It really ruins the flow of the music.
Concur! Read the Shaker instruction manual, issue not addressed at all that I could find. It's very irritating!
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