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Chance to get these rims and tires...

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Local shop is selling these for 350 with four 255/45/18 Michelin tires in prettt nice shape. I think the bolt pattern is 5x120.7 and won't fit my 2011 Mustang (?) Can I purchase a converter and use them as a winter setup?

They look like they came off a corvette...
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All I see is curb rash and scratches. Offer him 200 if you are planning on plastidip, I wouldn't call those 'good' condition. 'Fair' is more accurate.
Yes, only one has curb rash and some of the chrome is peeling off but I know once I get done plastidipping them they will look really nice. We originally agreed $400 and then I told him about the damage and he lowered the price to $350. I think thats pretty fair because the all season Michelins on the rims are in good shape and would be a major upgrade from my worn out stock pirelis [bald and have 23k]. So this would definitely be a good buy as I need some tires anyways and why not have a nice 18" winter setup? So only question is will they fit properly? And is a converter a viable option?

Thanks for the help btw!
Used tires are used tires.

And all-seasons =/= winter tires. Remember that. If I were you, these would be my SUMMER tires, not winter tires.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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