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Changing Whipple SC pulley - help

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Ok, this may be a dumb question, but I don't want to mess anything up.

I purchased a polished 3.125 SC pulley from Whipple, installing on my 2008 GT with the 550hp kit. I have never changed a SC pulley before, only idler pulleys. I cannot find any instructions in my Whipple SC install manual, nor on their website.

it looks easy, 4 hex bolts. I have removed the belt several times, so that part is not hard for me either. My question is do I need any special tools to remove the SC pulley? I read online that other SC brands require a pulley puller or special tool. I find no tool for Whipple SC pulleys.

It looks like i can take a old belt and wrap it around the pulley to hold it from spinning, while another set of hands removes the 4 bolts. I already know to toque to 119 in lbs. and Whipple said to use loctite 242. I wish I had remember to ask about the instructions - process.

I would bet many of you have changed your Whipple SC pulley and can tell me if this is as easy as it looks - do what I said above, or is this harder?

I know I can call Whipple, but it's Sunday and I wanted to install my new polished pulley today.

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Just remove the bolts, remove pulley, put new pulley on, put bolts back in.
Looking at your sig, what is a GT-TSR and just how much HP does yours have? :yup:
GT-Top Speed Racer. A little over 1000.
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