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Changing Whipple SC pulley - help

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Ok, this may be a dumb question, but I don't want to mess anything up.

I purchased a polished 3.125 SC pulley from Whipple, installing on my 2008 GT with the 550hp kit. I have never changed a SC pulley before, only idler pulleys. I cannot find any instructions in my Whipple SC install manual, nor on their website.

it looks easy, 4 hex bolts. I have removed the belt several times, so that part is not hard for me either. My question is do I need any special tools to remove the SC pulley? I read online that other SC brands require a pulley puller or special tool. I find no tool for Whipple SC pulleys.

It looks like i can take a old belt and wrap it around the pulley to hold it from spinning, while another set of hands removes the 4 bolts. I already know to toque to 119 in lbs. and Whipple said to use loctite 242. I wish I had remember to ask about the instructions - process.

I would bet many of you have changed your Whipple SC pulley and can tell me if this is as easy as it looks - do what I said above, or is this harder?

I know I can call Whipple, but it's Sunday and I wanted to install my new polished pulley today.

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thank you! I was worried that a press may be needed to put the new pulley back on, after reading about other brands of SC. This is my daily driver, so didn't want to start a job that can't be finished before I have to go to work. Good news that with Whipple, it is as easy as it looks. thanks again.

Looking at your sig, what is a GT-TSR and just how much HP does yours have? :yup:

hello guys, BTW I do use one other popular Mustang forum and I post here and there. Sometimes better response here and sometimes better there, just depends - but both are super great and have different information and Users. I will post my below findings on that forum too. It's not cheating, as I love both the same. :bounce2:

I called Whipple and they told me to just take it off, no special tool or press needed for Whipple - very good to know. This was also confirmed by above post - thanks!

I decided to install a new belt and driver side idler pulley while I was at it.
The following are the steps I used.
-disconnect battery - Neg side
-remove airbox - careful disconnect MAF wires
-using breaker bar, release tension on belt - loosen whipple adjustment pulley and slide belt off of SC pulley, release tension pulley.
-installed new driver side idler pulley - torque to 22 ft lbs
-thread new belt and slide whipple adjuster pulley all the way up and hand tighten the bolt, maybe 1/4 turn with a wrench - just sug.
-using breaker bar / tensioner - put new belt on SC pulley and release. This put the least amount of pressure on the SC pulley in terms of belt tightness. I could have also done this before I removed the old belt and maybe saved a little time.
-I then was able to use a 5mm hex socket to loosen the SC pulley bolts. I only turned them a little, just enough so I could remove them with no belt.
-Again with breaker bar, removed belt.
-SC pulley came right off, super easy. Installed new one and hand tightened the bolts - used Loctite 242. Just got as tight as I could by holding the pulley with my other hand, kind of hard.
-Put belt back on - again whipple adjustment pulley all the way up so light pressure on SC pulley.
-With belt on, Torque SC bolts to 119 in lbs
-I let it set over night - loctite says takes 24 hours to cure
-have another set of hands push the tensioner pulley all the way with breaking bar - loosen and slide the whipple adjustment pulley down as far as you can and tighten to 35 ft lbs - release breaker bar.
-put airbox back and connect battery

She fired right up and I really love the the polished look over black.

Hope this helps others.


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