Classic Recreations, a company with a license to print more first-generation Ford Mustangs, has just launched a Mach 1 that might be able to break the sound barrier. The Hitman is a 1969 model, built today, and powered by a 1,000 hp twin-turbo Coyote V8.

We weren't exaggerating about that license, the company has a license from Ford to build old Mustangs, and they can do it starting with an original old bodyshell, or they can do it will an entirely new one. At this point in time, and with that much power, we'd probably take a new one.

The car that Classic Recreations launched today is built from a real Mach 1, restored to like-new condition. Except under the hood, where in place of the original V8 (Mach 1s could have up to a 7.0L version) there's a brand-new Coyote 5.0L V8. The modern mill has been fitted with a pair of turbochargers and is intercooled to let it make 1,000 hp. Maybe they should have made it 767, but we don't mind this massive figure.

Of course, that required some chassis modifications, too. It has a 9-inch rear end with Posi-Traction, tubular subframe connectors, and a special suspension including coilovers in the front, Total Control coilovers in the rear, and front and rear sway bars from Total Control. Putting that power to the ground are 315-wide Michelin Pilot tires in the rear (225 on the front) and we want to commend the company for fitting a restrained 18-inch wheel, and not some massively garish affront to ride, handling, and taste. Wilwood six-piston callipers live inside the wheels.

Classic Recreations will build you one just like this, or with whatever style and performance options you choose, from a period-correct car to this beast. Just bring your checkbook.