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CHICO13 said:
Are there any major differences between the Mothers and Meguiars clay kits? I noticed the Mothers kit comes with a cleaner wax that probably contains some abrasives in it. I would imagine you don't want to use an abrasive after claying.
There are different grades of clay; similiar to that of polishing compunds. For the most part, a light clay works just fine. Remember; the less you have to rub, the better. - that goes with anything on your paint.
I personally steer clear of any type of "cleaner" waxes or polishes. The only time it's really needed IMO is if you have some light fading/oxidation on the paint or light swirls or scratches (the superficial ones). I do love zaino, but even with the first order I passed on any type of swirl or scratch remover.

-Good Luck!
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