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Cleaning Insturment Cluster

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Hello ladies and gents. I've got a question regarding cleaning the instrument cluster. Is there anything special you guys do when cleaning?
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Use a can of compressed air. The actual gauges aren't so bad, but using a microfiber on the radio display is enough to scratch the heck out of it.
Yea compressed air or something like a swiffer duster. Scratches real easy.
Awesome, thanks guys.
I like to use a brush attachment on a shop-vac for this. Does a great job!
Might of scratched my gauges yesterday with micro fiber. Came from dealership filthy and spotted with the water. Only looks swirly in direct sunlight though.
I use alcohol swabs...anything else scratches.
^^^^ I would worry about the long term affects of alcohol hazing the plastic, (guessing but....)
^^^^ I would worry about the long term affects of alcohol hazing the plastic, (guessing but....) totally evaporates within seconds though. Not sure if anything is left behind. Longterm may be a problem but shorterm it looks great :smilie

They are actually the lens cleaners used for glasses.....looking at the ingrediants they are composed mainly of isopropol alchohol.
I've been using a paper towel and windex. Maybe I better try a different method if you guys are getting scratches really easy
Two words;

Swifter Duster.

Easy peasy.
I use steel wool. Really helps with the clarity. lol
I use this stuff called Novus 1. It seems to work well.
Purchased it at TAP Plastics, but I've seen listed on ebay, too.
I haven't touched the radio display yet... on my previous car 2011 V6, one very very very gentle wipe with an expensive microfiber towel looked like I dragged a sandpaper across it

Canned air?

15 char
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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