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clogged fuel lines?

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i just swapped out my 2.3 for a 5.0. In doing so I replaced the fuel lines, and while installing them in the back I got some dirt caked on the differential in one of the lines. I'm not getting any fuel up front, and I was wondering if this could be the reason?

I think the lines are connected correctly - in the front there's only one way to hook them up according to size & in the rear I made sure to mark off which line ran to which...

Any suggestions? I'm getting absolutely NO fuel... the release valve give me the sound of air in the front and when I disconnect the lines, they're bone dry.

I've put in a month of work to swap out this engine and I want this thing to run!! =P

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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go ahead and upgrade that fuel pump

doesnt the v6 and 2.3 run like a 66LPH or 90LPH

i know the v6 pump will get you to near 300hp without loss of gas, but im not sure what the 2.3L pump is

and you probably cut some wire that runs power to the pump, just gotta find where the loss is
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