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clogged fuel lines?

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i just swapped out my 2.3 for a 5.0. In doing so I replaced the fuel lines, and while installing them in the back I got some dirt caked on the differential in one of the lines. I'm not getting any fuel up front, and I was wondering if this could be the reason?

I think the lines are connected correctly - in the front there's only one way to hook them up according to size & in the rear I made sure to mark off which line ran to which...

Any suggestions? I'm getting absolutely NO fuel... the release valve give me the sound of air in the front and when I disconnect the lines, they're bone dry.

I've put in a month of work to swap out this engine and I want this thing to run!! =P

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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acutally, i don't recall hearing that... i remember it before when I still had the 2.3 in. What does that mean? I checked the inertia switch at the back... I don't think it's tripped, the button the top is depressed (i assume it would be up if it had been tripped)

also, there's a wire that's connected to the positive battery cable (actually held on by the nut that tightens the connector to the post) that runs down the underside & goes inside the car right at the drivers side back tire - does anyone know what this connects to, or was this something aftermarket (i thought it might have something to do with the inertia switch or fuel pump...)?
They're used, but I have a 90 day warranty; I think it's got to be the fuel pump relay on the main wiring harness near the evr - that's what the two connectors attach to right there, right?
this is on a 93, got the motor from the same year and wiring harness as well. I'll have to look in to switching out the fuel pumps, but for now I want to make sure the motor will run correctly.

Looks like what I thought were connections for the fuel pump relay were actually connectors for arid & airb (which i'm not using)...

I'll have to go and trace the power from the fuel pump back and see if I can find it...

Also wondering if I don't have something wrong with the vacuum system. It plays a role in the fuel system... and I have a feeling I've hooked this up incorectly... any pointers towards tech articles/resources to help me understand this one better? I've had trouble finding information about the vacuum system & think it's probably causing me some trouble.
I've replaced the fuel pump relay, with no success; I'm also getting power to the lamp in the back... so I don't think there's any problem with the power lines... the only thing I replaced was the wiring harness and I can't find anywhere that it's been severed.

I do have the entire dash out - I've reconnected the instrument cluster because it was beeping at me when I had it off... is there something in there that's keeping me from getting power to the fuel pump?

Power is run down the driver's side, correct? over the rear wheel well and in to the hatchback compartment. Finally the power is sent through a wire that exits under the carpet near the spare tire. I'm running down the lines correctly?
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