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clutch cable options?

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first of all thanks for all of your help on my transmission problem, with your help ive narrowed it down to the clutch cable.

according to the receipts i got with the car when i bought it, this is the cable that is in the car

Clutch Cable by Zoom - Part 5334764 - Advance Auto Parts

now is this an adjustable cable? or should i just get a new cable. its been about 2 years
since this cable has been put in although the car has only been driven at most 1500 miles (and according to the service record at most 1000 miles since the clutch was put in)

what do you guys think i should do? just go for a new cable? what would you suggest.

thanks again!
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This is the kit I recommend. I know it cost a bit more, but you're getting what you pay for. Maximum Motorsports :: The Leader In Mustang Performance Suspension . The part number is MMCP-51 .
I have heard good things about the UPR and the Steeda.. im gonna get the steeda when i have the money.
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