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I am hoping this forum will work to push Ford to standby their SHELBY owners and their clutch problems. The three TSB service notices on the SHELBYs (TSB 08-16-4, 09-09-02 and 10-3-8) should be moved to a FORD recall status. Everyone who does owns a SHELBY and has not gotten over 10K miles is at risk. I will document my story and suggest ways you all can help.

I have a 2007 SHELBY (production #974). On 06/01/11, at 11,000 miles the clutch began to slip. I took it to the dealer and I was told that my driving had burned out the performance clutch. $3,000+ repair. I then became aware that the frist 1,000 vehicles were at great risk for this clutch problem and that there were 3 technical service bulletins (TBAs) on the problem. The production line was stopped 3 times because of this problem. The culprit is actually a flywheel that gets burnt up by the clutch heat.

The bottom line repair costs are about 9 hours of labor and $600 in Ford parts without all the markups.

Ford Corporate has denied responsibility for any of my repair costs. Apparently, I have not spent enough money with Ford on their vehicles. My local Ford dealership is willing to use some of the FORD corporate money that they receive quarterly to defer some of my costs...yet to be determined.

Here is what you can do to help:

Call FORD SVT (Special Vehicle Group) 1-800-367-3673 if you have experienced this problem and get your production number from them.

Call FORD Customer Service 1-800-392-3673 and get a case number established on your clutch problem. Document it here. Mine is #1427411611.

File a report with the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) 1-888-327-4236. Over the phone, they will give you a ODI (office defect investigation #). Mine is 10405859. This report shows up on SAFERCAR.GOV website.

Finally, call your state's attorney office and file a consumer complaint form. In MN, this requires you print a copy off their web of a PDF form and then send in a this form with a signature. They offer mediation services the same week that the problem report is received.

I hope that by having a more organized response and documentaion, we might get a more consistent response from FORD. They should be replacing these flywheel problems at little or no cost to the owners.

Thanks for helping.

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