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Clutch Problems - Please help

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My everyday driver is a 2006 V6 5 speed manual. It isn't releasing all the way when I press the clutch in. And I'm pressing it all the way to the floor. Its hard to shift into gears. Especially second and fifth when I'm speeding off. Even under normal driving its hard to shift because it just doesn't want to go into gear.

Is this a symptom of the master clutch cylinder and slave cylinder?
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The symptoms seem to point to the clutch master or slave but could also be the pressure plate. Check the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir. Also try jacking up the drivers side front of the car and them pump the clutch pedal to the floor and back at about the speed you when driving. Do this for about 10 minutes. The system is self bleeding and this will bleed out any air in the system.
It seems trivial but get under there and make sure no wires and what not are blocking the clutch from fully depressing. I had this issue recently, I got to looking around and one of the wire bundles had shifted and was blocking the clutch from going all the way down.
Bad news, it is more common than you might think, check out my comments on the problem. So far I have had the tranny rebilt, new clutch and flywheel, slave cylinder rebuilt and hydraulics bled as well as me replacing the tranny fluid with Mobil One! It is back to the dealership this coming week for maybe another rebuild! I am also going to ask to have the clutch master cylinder rebuilt as that is the last thing to check. Luckily I have the maintenance agreement so they have to keep the car fixed for six years. I will post what the outcome is from the latest service.

i had this problem for the first couple of years. i went through 2 t-5s and several different clutch and flywheels. every change i used a new slave and master. nothing would fix the problem. i ended up going with a tr3650. now i have no problems. i know it sounds extreme, but it was the only thing that would take care of it.
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