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I just purchased a 1966 Ford Mustang :smile: but the clutch needs some work. I knew when I bought the car that the clutch would need to be replaced, and sure enough, it now won't shift gears (~ 2 months after purchase). It has a stock 200 cu in 6 cylinder engine, but it has a 5 speed manual transmission. The metal tag on the transmission says "1352-208". When I looked up the code on one of the forums it seems like it's a Borg-Warner T5 Transmission from a Ford 1992 5.0L Mustang WC. Seems like an upgrade to me...hopefully that is the case! The bell housing between the clutch and transmission is obviously not stock, but it seems to have been working just fine!

1. I just removed the 3 finger "long lever" clutch cover and it has a 9" disk. I'd like to replace it with a diaphragm clutch but I'm not seeing too many for my vintage of car. Any suggestions on clutch kits I should use?
2. I've read that the flywheel should be replaced or resurfaced before installing the new clutch. Inputs on this?
3. Finally, any inputs on whether to convert the mechanical control to a cable? That Z-bar design looks pretty crazy, and at the very least I'd replace the bushings.

I'm new to this so any help/advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

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