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Clutch recommendations

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hey guys got a new rpm level 5 T56 tranny on the way with a 26 spline input shaft, wondering what you guys would reccomend for a clutch was set on mcleod RST street twin disc clutch but looking for others input on it i have a centerforce DFX now but 10 spline

Thanks Matt
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well unless your making over 700hp i dont really see the need to a twin, i like the spec 3 or 3+ but good luck with whatever route you go man.
I highly recommend keeping your Centerforce DFX clutch
they are excellent clutches.I have read nothing but,great
reviews on the Centerforce clutches.
Although I would avoid the Spec clutches like the plauge.
My Spec stage 2 clutch failed after only 5K miles of use.
My Spec clutch disc failed and throwout bearing too.
After my experience with Spec I will never buy a Spec
clutch or product ever again in my life.
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Ram makes a nice twin disc clutch for the 26 spline input shaft, check Lethal's website and call their tech for advice on the right choice..
like he said, unless your making some serious torque I would not over clutch it!!! You will regret it in the long run, if you know your numbers then base your clutch on that
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