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from inside, unscrew the shift knob, pull out the shift boot(attached to the plastic trim) remove the rubber isolater, take off the four bolts to the shifter and take it out when trans is in neutral.
prop the clutch pedal in the furthest up position as possible (helps when removing clutch cable from fork)
-take out cats/ secondary air tube
-disconnect all electrical connectors, and speedo cable, or sensor in extension housing.
-take out starter
-out with the drive shaft
-support the trans, and take out the crossmember and mount bolts
-remove clutch cable from clutch fork (behind cover on driver side of bellhousing)
-take out four bolts holding trans to bellhousing
-pull out trans assembly
-now you can see that all the bellhousing bolts are visible and easily accessable
-you guessed it take out the bellhousing, and shift fork, and throwout bearing.
-take off the pressure plate
-make sure you hold the pressure plate to the flywheel when you take out the last bolt, so as not to have the clutch disc fall on you.
-if you are taking off the flywheel to have it resurfaced(recommended) when you reinstall it, make sure you put thread sealer/locktite on the bolts, as they go into the crank case, and if you dont do so it will leak oil.

its a relatively easy job, just make sure you get the alignment tool when you reinstall the clutch disc and pressure plate.
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