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Clutch Replacement

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Well, what I thought was just the clutch being adjusted inproperly was actually the clutch slipping. Luckily I only bought the car a week and a half ago so I brought it back to the dealer. Luckily, they are a Mustang tuning shop so they are replacing it with an aftermarket piece. They said they would replace it for free with a King Cobra. They said its typical for the factory clutch to go at around 60,000 to 70,000 miles which is right were I'm at. So, they'll have it pretty much all day tomorrow. No big deal. When I get it back an adjustable Steeda Quadrant kit is going in first thing. Wish me luck.

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I'm at 81,000 and mine is getting close too i think... I think i can get past 90, but I'm not sure.

and mine is FINALLY giving out. Gotta love FORD engineering! I have NEVER had a car whose clutch lasted that long.


108,000 on the clock on my 96Gt and she's starting to slip. Keep us posted on how the new clutch feels. I plan to do mine in a month or so. I'm curious to see what you think of the King Cobra and then the Steeda quadrant kit...
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