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clutch sqealing sound

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05 V6 5-speed bought in June.

Now it has ~6,000 miles on it, and just recently I've noticed an intermittent sqealing sound coming from the clutch just as it's engaging when the car is cold.

It is more noticeable if you let the clutch out a bit more slowly with more throttle (like when taking off from a stop going uphill.) Usually only notice it in first gear but I've heard it a couple of times in second as well.

Once the car (clutch, transmission) warms up, the sound goes away....

So is my clutch slipping? I haven't been racing it (not really anyway) and I've never heard this on any other car I've had.

Thanks for any advice,

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anyone?......anyone?..... Bueller?
im noticing the same thing i have almost 12k on mine n its starting to do it. and i honestly have no clue what it is. and i dont feel like taking it into the dealer and being told im crazy
Yep, I've got about 12k as well, and I have the sqeaky clutch too. It's been getting worse. Hey, just turn up the stereo and no one will hear!

Actually, I think it sounds like metal scraping/rubbing against rubber on the cabin side of the clutch pedal. Maybe it just needs some silicon up there where the metal arm mates up against some rubber boot. I will look this weekend. I just haven't felt like crawling up in there with the flashlight.
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