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Clutch way too stiff please help!

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well im new to the posting thing but im a hardend mustang fan. i own an 02 GT and am proud. this weekend i went with my sister to check out an 01 cobra that she was interested in..... wshe has recently caught the horsepower bug... and she loves it. we went in and talked the guy down did all the paperwork and eveything. the car is fast... and a great deal. but she is just learning to drive stick and the clutch is way to stiff for her(shes like 5'4 110 pounds).the clutch also seems to be sitting very high compared to the brake pedal. it was very hard but not impossible for her to drive. i was wonder ing if anyone could point me to a part or adjustment or even a reason why this is happening so she will get it....... im so dissapointed in her but im doing all i can. it has 35000 miles so i dunno if its just new or what
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i got a 02 GT and my clutch feels heavier than a 04 Cobra i sat in at the used ford part while my car was getting a new radio put in. i dont know i asked the who put in my new clutch because my old one was catching and the mechanic said it was a OEM clutch pressureplate and what not.

i my self am shocked on it.
yes i belive the 03 and 04 cobras have an 11" clutch that takes less pressure to use. the 01 cobra uses a 10.5" clutch that supposedly requires more effort... go figure
There's not a whole lot you can do to change the clutch pedal effort. An adjustable clutch quadrant might help, but I'm not sure to what extent.
Try to do what bluestreak said about the adjustable quadrant and look into the frpp King Cobra clutch kit 10.5''. This kit was designed to have 10% less pedal effort than the ford hd clutch that came stock in the Cobras untill 03.
If you're looking to do serious mods to the car, stay away from the King Cobra. Several people on the boards have had issues with them. The Centerforce Dual Friction setup is really good and has an awesome feel and moderate pedal effort to it and it grabs really good to boot. The only downside is you'll have to go up to a 11' unit which means changing the flywheel also, the upside of that is a slightly lighter pedal effort.
ok.. ive found a few sites that sell the King Kobra kit. they say that the 2001 cobra has a 10.5" disk and the t-5. they then go on to say that the kit works only for 10.5" t-5's but only in cobras up to 1998, wow now im really lost will it not fit the 01 cobra or what? ... thanks for all the help.
P.S. I'd rather stay with a 10.5" clutch
Send 'er to the gym. Tell 'er that is the way a he-man clutch should feel. My daughter is only 5' 100# dripping wet, and she has no problems. It took years to convince her that a manual tranny was the only way to go for a true performance vehicle.....she adapted to a thick pedal real quick.

To get the most control over the positioning of the clutch pedal, get the entire kit (billet quadrant, firewall adjuster and cable). has the Fiore version adjuster, and its the best in my opinion.

There are a number of aftermarket clutches that will fit that car - but I think you should discuss this problem with the parts people before making a purchase. Pedal effort is a subjective (and often car specific) issue, and many clutch ads refer to their pedal effort as being less than stock - but hard to quantify otherwise. Finally, a new cable may yield a lighter effort level, since I have seen new cars sitting next to each other on the dealer lot have differing clutch effort levels. You may just have a sticky cable.

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