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cobra 2000 problem

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Hello everyone,, A friend of mine is having an issue with his 2000 cobra because we can't find the part he needed online, we are not in the states but we can order the part online once we find, we have been searching for this part for too long cuz we don't know what is it called and we don't have the part # I attached pictures of the part, so anyone can help us finding the part we will be very very thankful. I know you guys won't disappoint us. Thank you.

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Welcome to the site!! Check with some of the sponsors here,they should have it.
(Coolant crossover tube)and it is my understanding that there is no 2000 cobra only Cobra R
Yep it's the coolant crossover and your friends cobra is either a 1999 or 2001, as Jackson mentioned.
To order a used coolant crossover call the guys at or submit a contact form outlining the part you need to order. I have ordered parts from this salvage yard before and haven't been disappointed and saved lots of money over buying new from Ford. Also you should check your car's vin # to find out whether it is a 99 or 01 Cobra for future reference when ordering parts. I believe a few parts were updated in the middle of the 01 model year.
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