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Hi Guys,

I need some info/opinions.

I did an oil change on my recently purchased 1997 Cobra (4.6 DOHC) the other day with the front of the car up on ramps (8.5” high). Upon completion, I added the required 6 quarts of 5W30, and had “charged” the new oil filter.

I’d say I gave it anywhere between 7-15 minutes for the oil to drain down into the oil pan prior to starting it up. I didn’t check the dipstick prior to start up because it was on ramps and the measurement would have been inaccurate. In hindsight, I wish I had pushed it down off the ramps and done so.

When I started the car up, I feel like I sort of heard a “dry” sound if that makes sense. Almost like the engine was starved of oil, but I can’t be sure. Plus the car is loud and I’m not real familiar with it yet, so not sure what I heard. I looked down at the oil pressure gauge and it was reading normal.

Basically, I’m really worried now that the oil hadn’t drained into the pan completely after I poured it in and that coupled with the vehicle being on a slight angle on the ramps starved the engine of oil.

In your experience, how long does it take for oil to drain down into the pan after pouring it in on these motors? Is it relatively quick? Is it even possible for a large problematic amount of oil like that to stay up in the head or does it drain straight to the pan immediately? I definitely gave it time to do so, but am worried it wasn’t enough. Is it possible for an engine to be starved of oil if the required amount oil is in fact in the motor? The motor had 6 quarts of oil in it at the time, I just can’t be sure where it was in the motor when I turned the key.

I love the car so far and am just worried I screwed it up. Am I just being paranoid?

Any opinions on this would be appreciated.

Thank you

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15 minutes is a lifetime. It was all in the pan, just not flowing through the motor of course. You’re good though. The cylinder walls have an oily film on them from years of running and getting lubed.
If you want you can hold the gas pedal down prior to starting it and keep it pressed down while starting the car. The engine won’t start but it will turn over. I think you’ll get some oil pressure prior to starting.

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