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Is anyone as excited as I am about the camshaft selection now available for the 4V Cobra? I have a newly acquired 1997 Cobra that NEEDS a thumper of a cam! LOL

Anyone have experience with CompCams 106200 or 106400? The tech guy at CompCams suggested 106100 or 106160, he must of had wax in his ears! I told him I wanted a fender-shaking thumper that shook the ground to compliment my soon-to-be installed 4.88 gears and he suggested the "street" cams with "noticeable idle".

So...who has the biggest stick out there to run on the street?

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Sorry I don't know your answer, but 4.88 gears? Wow, is it gonna be a drag car? With stock height tires you'll only see about 55 mph in second gear (at 7k anyways).
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The fuel shut-off is at 7000 rpm. The Cobra peak horsepower is at 5800, powerband extends to 6300-6400. Anything over 6400 is a waste of gas with stock cams.

The gear shifts at 6400 RPM are 1st at 30 mph, 2nd at 50 mph, 3rd at 75 mph, 4th at 100 mph, and 152 mph topend at 6400 rpm in 5th.

I don't plan to cruise in second gear at 55 mph, I'll use 4th and 5th.

This will be a strictly street use car with 4.88 gears. Cool, eh?!

I figure, why have an overdrive and use it for economy when it can be used for evil!!
The highest posted speed limit 70 mph on the interstate. I just plan to get to the speed limit (+/-) really quickly!
I hate to tell you this but buying cams for an otherwise stock cobra would be a waste of money. With the stock cams the heads already flow way more than they need to. If your looking to gain a little bit of horsepower, I would suggest changing the intake to a short runner design. This is the bottleneck in the motor. Or you can do what I did and just bolt on a charger and make bunches of power. Its actually cheaper hp/dollar wise. Another good investment would be a set of long tube headers. They can run about $700 to $1000 including installation, but they are cheaper than cams and offer alot more power. Also, next time you race, don't shift till redline. I along with others have proven you'll be quicker.
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