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Cobra intakes

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Hi guys.

Got a question regarding Cobra intakes. Is there more than one type of Cobra intake design or were they all the same? For example, I am under the impression that the 93 Cobra intake flows slightly more than the 94/95 Cobra intake but really would like to know for sure.
Anyone know?
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A couple of cfm at best. Essentially no difference.
the biggest difference in them are the American Ford made ones that flow well, and the Chinese Professional Products intake (sold now by FRPP) that do not even have round ports
the chinese ones arent that bad. They may have slightly more flash, and will probably be slightly rougher overall, but they are not bad at all. TMoss has ported a few i believe, and he can vouch for that.
The ones I have ported were not that bad. Ford will still maintain a level of quality.
The money you pay for a Cobra intake in Australia you may be better getting an aftermarket one. Don't forget the Ford Explorer intake is available too and was sold in Australia. (I'm not sure on the Cobra vs Explorer CFM though ?)
Cobra upper outflows the Explorer, but not by all that much. The lower is the same of course and there are a few vaccum lines extra on the explorer, but those can be plugged. If you can get it go for it, with a slight port job, the explorer will flow pretty darn well.
I have a S600 flow bench test done by Victory Engines for Jeff Chambers that had a stock GT40 @ 206cfm and a stock Explorer @ 209cfm on the same test lower. The upper flows vary more by casting differences (core shift, etc) than anything else.
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