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Cobra Jet Install/Error Codes

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So I installed a Cobra Jet setup (Ported CJ, Ported twin 69 TB with harness, P-51 CJ Intake) on my 2018 Mustang GT, install seemed to go fine, followed all same steps from my friends car when we did his but when we attempted to start the car the car starts up then dies off, we unplugged the MAF sensor and car would start up and stay idling fine. We double checked all lines, connected the MAF again got another base file from tuner, car started up, rpms flicker up and down, drives, but really no power behind it, still throwing the same exact code. The Code is P0193 "Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor "A" Circuit High. Does anyone have any ideas or explanation what I need to do from here to get rid of this code? The Tuner I am using is Tricky Performance.
Below is a picture of the code.


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