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Well, time has come for a rebuild---
I've got an 87 302 HO right has:

Performer RPM intake
F-303 Cam
Flowtech Longtubes
600 CFM Holley

Everything else is stock--- it's started to smoke a bit and the cars about to go under the knife for some bodywork (65 Mustang) so I decided might as well rebuild the engine and make use of the Holley 174 Blower I purchased earlier this year.

Going to get the 302 bored .30 over.
8.0-8.5:1 forged pistons (whats a good make for them?)
Bump the carb up to a 750 DP Holley
Not sure on the cam yet-- is the F-cam good enough???
Add a set of TW High Ports.
Question is with the High Ports...
I was looking at these e-mailed the guy and he said they were 2nd gen heads.
Is there a difference in the earlier ones than the later ones? Are these even a good set for the combo?
I'd like to run about 8 lbs of boost. Has anyone else here ran this blower if so, what kind of numbers were you able to put down with it?

Was thinking about gears too, I've got an 8 in' out of the car right now that I want to put a detroit locker in... but wasn't sure what gears to put in it? I wanted to go with 4.10's but with the roots blower being all bottom end I don't know if I need that much?

One more thing, anyone know anything about G-force Transmissions? I was looking at their T-5 kits that are supposed to hold up to 600 HP and 500 ft lbs of torque. I figured that'd be OK.

Sorry for all the questions, don't get on enough to watch multiple threads.. so I figured get one main one and try to get the answers I need out of it.

Thanks for the help,
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