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Comp Cams Stage 3 Help

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Hey guys! So im looking for some help im looking into camming out my ride but i want to make sure i have everything necessary. I have a 2004 4.6 mustang GT stock engine. I was thinking in getting stage 3 cams and if they will fit with stock engine. I only upgraded my throttle to a bigger 80mm but thats it nothing to the engine.
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I have no clue on the specifics but if I was a betting man I would bet that you will need. upgraded valve springs. Also you will want to check to find out if it says, “needs high stall-speed, torque-converter” and/or a “steeper rear end gear.” If it does it will still run with the stock rear gear but it will buck and chug at low speeds like when you’re in a parking lot. Provide a link on what you’re looking at.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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